Tableau Conference Watch Party 2022

It was great to experience my first virtual Tableau conference in JLL last November and see the buzz that is created to encourage staff to engage; promoting the opportunity to learn, network and share experiences. The fabulous Fi Gordon and Paul Chapman always encourage the JLL Work Dynamics Performance and BI staff to maximise their... Continue Reading →

The 5 Chart Challenge

I recently started mentoring a lovely lady who is really keen to push her Tableau and her data visualisation skills.  I have been providing regular constructive feedback to her about the data visualisations that she is creating as part of the #MakeoverMonday initiative. During our catch ups we also agreed that I would set her... Continue Reading →

My Top Five Tips for Tableau Newbies

When I first discovered Tableau I didn’t realise how big it was and definitely didn’t realise there was such a thing as the ‘Tableau Community’. Once I got myself on Twitter a few years ago and started to follow other Tableau users I realised how much I had been missing out on.  Before this I... Continue Reading →

Life in lockdown and beyond

So this is the abridged version of my lockdown reflections/antics. After 4 full pages I decided it was a little over the top!! So you will be pleased to hear I opted instead for quick snippets… From total sceptic to anxious shopper!Schools closed - one happy 9 year old!McDonalds closed – one devastated 9 year... Continue Reading →

Coaching – the power of ‘listening’

Last autumn, after having a chat with Claire Bradshaw, I signed up to complete my ILM Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring with her. I am hugely passionate about effective leadership and I am always reflecting on my performance as a leader. What I really enjoy is helping others develop and maximise their potential,... Continue Reading →

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