‘Working from home’ attire – what is acceptable?

At the end of March like millions of others I was thrown into working from home! Since then my work trousers have stayed in the ironing pile! I have totally taken advantage of being able to wear jogging pants and rattled through the data T-shirts I have acquired over the last few years (well why not?!). Occasionally I have worn some jeans and thrown on some mascara to feel a little more normal!

I have always dreamed of having a job where I could wear shorts and flip flops and now I have…and weirdly it’s the same job I had 6 months ago!

To be fair I have definitely never been a ‘power dresser’ and I have always opted for the most casual smart work wear I could get away with. I hate wearing suits, I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable to wear every day! Massive respect for people who do!

What is acceptable ‘working from home’ attire? When we are in the office generally everyone is smart unless it’s dress down Friday! And that leads to a completely new debate…maybe the new thing will be ‘dress up Friday’?!

So how come 4 months ago everyone was sitting in meetings dressed ‘smart’ now we are sitting in the same/similar meetings with everyone in their ‘working from home’ tops’?! We don’t get to see the bottom half of people anymore!

This work wear thing isn’t keeping me up at night but it is obviously something I have been thinking about it as I took the time to write this. I personally don’t think it’s a massive issue, as we are still the same people trying to do the same jobs just in different locations (bedrooms, lounges, gardens, sheds, campervans…you name it!).

It simply makes me wonder about perceptions. Some years ago I was in a meeting with a colleague with some external stakeholders who we had neither ever met before. We were both at same level if I recall rightly but I was leading the project we were meeting about. Immediately the other people directed their eyes and the conversation at my colleague who was older and wearing a suit. It took me a while to take charge of the discussion and for them to recognise that it was me they should be focusing on or at least including me in the discussion. If I had worn a suit would they have noticed me?!

So does your ‘work from home’ attire impact on others perceptions during virtual meetings?

Will I be treated the same if I have smart clothes (heaven forbid a suit) on or my ‘data hero’ T- shirt?! How do I feel about what people wear to the virtual meetings I attend? Does the background make a difference too?! If I choose Minecraft virtual background rather than a background with a fancy office and bookshelf full of books what difference would it make?

I wonder if they will soon invent ‘virtual clothes’ so that you can change your clothes as well as your background to your virtual meeting?! Then everyone can wear anything they wanted!

This blog was to help me work this one out and canvas opinion! What do you think about a ‘working from home’ dress code?

Thanks for reading my blog!


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