The 5 Chart Challenge

I recently started mentoring a lovely lady who is really keen to push her Tableau and her data visualisation skills.  I have been providing regular constructive feedback to her about the data visualisations that she is creating as part of the #MakeoverMonday initiative. During our catch ups we also agreed that I would set her... Continue Reading →

My Top Five Tips for Tableau Newbies

When I first discovered Tableau I didn’t realise how big it was and definitely didn’t realise there was such a thing as the ‘Tableau Community’. Once I got myself on Twitter a few years ago and started to follow other Tableau users I realised how much I had been missing out on.  Before this I... Continue Reading →

Life in lockdown and beyond

So this is the abridged version of my lockdown reflections/antics. After 4 full pages I decided it was a little over the top!! So you will be pleased to hear I opted instead for quick snippets… From total sceptic to anxious shopper!Schools closed - one happy 9 year old!McDonalds closed – one devastated 9 year... Continue Reading →

Coaching – the power of ‘listening’

Last autumn, after having a chat with Claire Bradshaw, I signed up to complete my ILM Level 5 certificate in Coaching and Mentoring with her. I am hugely passionate about effective leadership and I am always reflecting on my performance as a leader. What I really enjoy is helping others develop and maximise their potential,... Continue Reading →

2019 – my year in numbers

I have been meaning to write a blog reflecting on 2019 since the end of 2019! I can't believe it's taken me nearly 8 weeks of 2020 to sit down and get this done.... When I started to plan my blog about 2019 I realised I was counting significant events and milestones, The numbers added... Continue Reading →

Learning through teaching

I am not sure ‘teach’ is the right word, probably it should be skills sharing but anyway let’s call it teaching for ease. I was keen to talk about how teaching others has helped to improve my own skills and understanding.  Since I discovered the magic of Tableau and then went on to implement Tableau... Continue Reading →

Dude, where’s my dashboard?!

One of the most useful things we have ever implemented in our Information Team is unique identifiers for our ad-hoc data requests, routine reports and statutory returns. I can’t take the credit for this. An Analyst who joined my team about ten years ago (and has since moved on) brought this from his previous job.... Continue Reading →

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