2019 – my year in numbers

I have been meaning to write a blog reflecting on 2019 since the end of 2019! I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly 8 weeks of 2020 to sit down and get this done…. When I started to plan my blog about 2019 I realised I was counting significant events and milestones, The numbers added up and I thought rather than write about my year I would create a viz!!

Click on the link below to view the interactive version on Tableau Public which allows you to hover over each number and get more information! If you wish to know more…


With a viz now built it is important for me to reflect on 2019 in words in too, but only briefly as my blogs do tend to be quite lengthy once I get started! I can’t quite believe how much I squeezed into one year, and this doesn’t include lots of personal events and loads more day to day work. 2019 was an amazing year for me with loads great opportunities for me to do new things; webinars, opportunity to sit on a judging panel and speak at loads of different events and meet loads of new people. I had some very proud moments over the year too with the two significant milestones that I am most proud of and humbled by. Becoming a Tableau Ambassador was the highlight of my summer, and then to be awarded the Tableau Community Founder Award was the icing on the cake. To be given the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for the Tableau conference was unreal!! These opportunities rarely come along when you work in the public sector so I totally acknowledge and appreciated this. I still can’t quite believe I went, and still buzzing about it 4 months later.

Looking forward to seeing what 2020 will bring!

Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully checking out my numbers viz.

Feedback always welcome!

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